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Domaine de Pébérère  rouge  2003, V.d.P. des Côtes de Gascogne

Colour: dark red with purple.
Nose: quite expressive with juicy (black)berries, some sweetness (ripe grapes) some earthy (Cabernet Sauvignon) nuances, quite attractive, quite clearly south-western France terroir (earthy), not refined or elegant, but straight, clean and honest. .
Taste: good berry fruit, juiciness, some herbs, earthy nuances, a touch of laurel, a hint of sweetness of ripe grapes (but dry taste), nice acidity, some piquant, but ripe tannins, a tiny touch rustic, but quite supple as a whole, well balanced, not complex or refined, but well made.
Finish: spicy, with some herbs, some berry fruit, a touch of piquant tannins, juicy, supple, clean and a tiny touch of sweetness at the end.

* Not complex, refined or elegant, but very straight, honest and clean wine with a fair measure of ripe and earthy fruit, some herbs and a touch of rusticity (tannins), but supple and attractive as a whole, well made, lots of regional (earthy) character and good value for money.

- This wine has to be drunk quite young.  Will keep up to 2007, but there is no point in keeping this wine so long for it is the fruit that makes it so attractive. Serve slightly cool (ca. 15 degree Celsius).

- Straight forward earthy, fruit based wine, not attempting to impress, but providing a good match with regional food and charcuterie, fruit and tannins will cope with any meat dish.  Made of 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, quite rare in this region, a difficult choice because of its late ripening, strong tannic character and the tendency to express the terroir quite strongly. You would expect a quite lean, earthy wine with high acidity and strong, dry tannins, but this wine shows a far more positive character in which the attractive berry fruit of the Cabernet Sauvignon is prevalent. Good value for money with a lot of character to boot.  A recommended wine from a producer who also makes very high quality, classic Armagnacs.

- lotnr.: L 01

- tasted: 29-03-’05

- estimated retail price ca. 4,50 euro per bottle

- average production: no indication available

- Château de Pomès Pébérère, 32100 La Pébérère, Condom, Mr. François Faget,  tel.: + 33-62281153; fax.: + 33-62284611 ; e-mail: , web site:

- export agent: Grand Sud Domaines, Mrs. Cécile Dupuy; Mr. Alain Boissiere, 4, Rue Rudolphe Bruzac, 24160 Bergerac, tel.: + 33-553630303 / fax.: + 33-553581493 / e-mail: web site: