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Château Pech Latt rouge tradition 2004, A.C. Corbières.

color: very deep red-purple, nearly black.
Nose: very expressive, with many nuances of herbs and spices, black and red fruit (brambles and berries), earthy, balsamic, with minerals and stones, classic, complex and also with freshness.
Taste: medium bodied, intense, powerful, with good and fresh acidity, strong, spicy (but ripe) tannins, lots of nuances of spices and herbs, dark fruit (cherry), minerals, cherry-stones and even eau-de-vie, some balsamic impressions, concentration and elegance. Very good balance.
Finish: quite long, intense and fresh, with tannins, spices, minerals, balsamic (cedar, sandalwood) impressions and elegance, very good balance.

* A classical, intense and medium bodied wine, bursting with spices, herbs, black fruit and balsamic impressions, strong, ripe tannins and a firm acidity giving this wine elegance, length and backbone, very pure and earthy style, ecologically produced.

- Very good drinking now, will probably keep for two more years maybe even a bit longer, drink before 2010.

- This is not an easy-drinking wine, it has a strong character and is surprisingly elegant for a midi-wine.  You could characterize it as a midi-wine (aromatics) with the structure of a good Bordeaux. Produced from Carignan, Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre grapes, all well suited to the terroir they grow on. Lets be happy with this style of wine and that it is also produced in a natural way.

- lotnr.: L 83505152

- tasted: 01-11-’06

- estimated retail price ca. 6,50 euro

- average production:  bottles

- Château Pech-Latt, 11220 Lagrasse, tel.: + 33-468 58 11 40 / fax.: + 33-468 58 11 41 / e-mail: