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Adega de Pegoes / Marco de Pegoes branco 2004, V.R. Terras do Sado

Colour: light yellow with some green.
Nose: quite fresh, with fruit (apricot, muscat), some minerals and green herbs (mint), some flowers, spices, clean, not complex or refined, quite attractive, modern with specific aromatic character.
Taste: fresh, dry, but also mild with a little hint of sweetness, with nuances of flowers, some fruit (apricot, muscat), a very tiny touch of CO2, some herbs and spices, clean and very good balance. Not complex or refined, but attractive and well balanced.
Finish: not long, fresh acidity, spicy, with a little hint of sweetness covering a tiny bitterness, clean fruit (apricot) and well balanced.

* Easy drinking dry white wine, fresh and at the same time mild, distinctive spicy and ripe fruity (apricot, muscat) character, elegant, very clean, not complex or powerful, but just delicious, well balanced and with a surprisingly low price.

- Can be drunk now, will keep till 2006.

- Easy drinking dry white wine attractively aromatic, with distinctive own character, well made, clean and well balanced. Quite an achievement for such a cheap wine. From a good and well equipped producer, a very quality oriented cooperative, one of the most dynamic of Portugal. Same producer of the more luxurious wine: Fontanario de Pegoes branco 2004, D.O.C. Palmela.

- lotnr.: L 113105

- tasted: 27-05-'05

- estimated retail price ca. 4,00 euro

- average production: not known

- Coop. Agr. Santo Isidro de Pegoès, Mr. J. Cuendera, Rua Pereira Caldas 1 R/C, 2985 - 158 Pegoes Velhos, Portugal. tel.: +-351-265 898860 / fax: +-351-265 898865  / e-mail:  / web site: