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Domaine Piétri-Géraud V.D.N. Blanc 2003, A.C. Banyuls. **HERITAGE WINE**

Colour: medium intense yellow with a hint of green.
Nose: quite restrained, spicy, flowery (acacia), with impressions of honey, some fruit (raisins), almonds, some minerals, quite soft and with a touch of sweetness, clean and intriguing.
Taste: full bodied, sweet, rich and very soft, creamy, unctuous, concentrated, distinguished, with many low key impressions of flowers, herbs, spices, minerals, (raisiny)fruit and nuts, very nice acidity, providing excellent balance, tension and backbone, wine of great purity and impeccable balance.
Finish: long, sweet, soft, fresh, creamy, rich and round, with many restrained nuances of earth, herbs and flowers, very special indeed.

* This fortified, sweet white wine has a fabulous, smooth taste: concentrated, creamy and soft with a beautiful acidity, beautiful array of restrained aroma's of flowers, herbs, minerals and honey, a wine of great purity and impeccable balance.

- Drink from now, will keep several years, even much longer than one would expect. Developing a more nutty, spicy and earthy style over the years.

- This is a very dedicated producer of very good quality wines, most of them in a classical style. There is a varying amount of attractive rusticity in the wines that gives them an extra touch of quality and style. They are not super clean and polished, they still posses that extra touch of terroir and artisan style.  Concentration and balance are prominent factors next to the very original aroma's in these wines. Do not expect new world wines that are destined to please a wide audience, these are wines to be discovered step by step leading you into a new (essentially old) world of terroir derived taste impressions.

A white Banyuls is a rarity. The vast majority is red (or brown depending on the style). It is quite stunning to taste a wine from such a hot vintage from such a hot region with such an impeccable balance. This wine is all about taste structure, restraint, purity and balance.  It is unique in its style, this beautiful low-key wine has no sexy opulent fruit and shows no signs of obvious wood (this wine was aged for 12 months in new barriques!). Because the great concentration you will not notice the wood. It is the top ingredients and careful wine making that has fashioned this beautiful wine made from the unpopular and often disregarded grapes Grenache Blanc (80%) and Grenache Gris (20%). Low yields are the norm here (25 Hl/ha). There is also a more classical "super" white cuvée produced: Cuvée du Soleil.

- lotnr.: L 043022

- tasted: 22-04-’05 (retasted after 9 months: 01-02-2006: still in excellent condition, however the fruit and flowery nuances have changed into more nutty nuances, but the wine is as fresh and soft, with an excellent balance!! This is quite astonishing!)

- estimated retail price ca. 19 euro

- average production: ca. 4.000 bottles

- Domaine Piétri-Géraud (Maguy & Laetitia Piétri-Géraud), 22 Rue Pasteur, 66190 Collioure, France, tel.:  +33-468823481, fax.: + 33-468980258, e-mail: