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Domaine Piétri-Géraud V.D.N. Rimage  "Cuvée Mademoiselle 0"  2000, A.C. Banyuls. "HERITAGE WINE"

Colour: dark red with some browning in the rim.
Nose: quite expressive, sweet, warm, dried fruit, spices, caramel, some vanilla, a touch of smoke and chocolate, good rich fruit, a bit Port like, some complexity, very attractive, clean and mature.
Taste: concentrated, sweet, rich, intense, mild and soft, with quite a few attractive tannins, spices, impressions of smoke, minerals, excellent balance, depth, some maturity, lots of raisiny fruit, the soft richness is well balanced by the tannins, providing a classical and exciting character.
Finish: quite long, warm, sweet, with beautiful matching tannins, many fruity, spicy nuances, a touch of smoke, tobacco, chocolate and a hint of rusticity, very attractive, excellent balance.

* This is a classical, fortified red wine from a hot region, the sweetness is perfectly balanced by some strong tannins, giving this smooth and soft wine great backbone, beautiful warm, spicy and raisiny fruit, lots of complex nuances with depth and intensity.

- Drink now, will keep well a few more years. This wine has amazing stamina: even after 9 month in the refrigerator the sample bottle still tasted excellent, may be a bit different, but still Port like with excellent balance!

- This is a very dedicated producer of very good quality wines, most of them in a classical style. There is a varying amount of attractive rusticity in the wines that gives them an extra touch of quality and style. They are not super clean and polished, they still posses that extra touch of terroir and artisan style.  Concentration and balance are prominent factors next to the very original aroma's in these wines. Do not expect new world wines that are destined to please a wide audience, these are wines to be discovered step by step leading you into a new (essentially old) world of terroir derived taste impressions.

This young and fruity style "Rimage" is only produced in the most elegant of years, because in such years the tannins are soft enough to provide the fruity wine its flowing and mild character. In "stronger" years the more rustic tannins are tamed and softened by lengthy maturation in big wooden vats (foudres) resulting in a less fruity, more mature styled wine. Made from 100% Grenache (Noir) and medium-old vines (10-40 years of age).

- lotnr.: L 021891

- tasted: 22-04-’05 (same bottle retasted 01-02 (9 months old) from refrigerator still in excellent condition!!!)

- estimated retail price ca. 15 euro

- average production: 3.500 bottles

- Domaine Piétri-Géraud (Maguy & Laetitia Piétri-Géraud), 22 Rue Pasteur, 66190 Collioure, France, tel.:  +33-468823481, fax.: + 33-468980258, e-mail: