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Domaine Piétri-Géraud rouge  "Le Moulin de la Cortine" 2003, A.C. Collioure. **HERITAGE WINE**

Colour: very dark red with purple.
Nose: at first quite restrained, very young and closed-up, but with time after aerating increasingly expressive and opulent fruity, lots of nuances of damp and warm earth, minerals, sweet raisins, spices and Port like. After 5 days: richer, quite complex and with good depth, excellent potential balance, quite classical, sun drenched style.
Taste: initially quite full-bodied, but  compact and closed-up, fierce tannins, sombre, with some spices, earthy notes and alcohol, after 5 days opening-up nicely, much richer, especially in the middle pallet, beautiful port like fruit, spices, pepper, intensity, emerging complexity and some depth.
Finish: quite intense and long, quite a few young tannins, alcohol, spices, nice fruit and a whiff of pepper.

* Still very young, intense, classical, spicy and "warm" wine with great ageing potential, good concentration, strong tannins, and layers of semi-hidden raisiny fruit, spices, earthiness and minerals, not elegant or refined, but immensely honest, pure and convincing. "Old fashioned" in a most positive way.

- Drink from 2007, or open a bottle at least a day before serving, will improve during 5 maybe upto 8 or ten years from now. Expect greater depth and complexity with time, but I do not expect it to become a smooth wine.

- 2003 was an exceptionally hot and dry vintage even in this region (ultimate south of France, within the Roussillon) that is used to receive copious amounts of sunshine and heat. This wine is produced from old and extremely low yielding vines (18 hl/ha).  It expresses its terroir excellently, the harsh (hot and dry) circumstances are translated in this strong, resilient wine produced from 40% Grenache, 20% Syrah and 20% Mourvèdre. There is no wood ageing in this wine, all its original aroma's and fruit are preserved beautifully. It is aged on its lees in cuve during 11 months and shows you can make a very good wine without any wood.
This small scale producer makes honest and very original wines with a strong regional and classical touch. Their Banyuls, both white (regular and cuvée du Soleil) and red (Rimage and Joseph Géraud)  are also very good.

- lotnr.: L 042242

- tasted: 22-04-’05

- estimated retail price ca. 15 euro

- average production: 5.000 bottles

- Domaine Piétri-Géraud (Maguy & Laetitia Piétri-Géraud), 22 Rue Pasteur, 66190 Collioure, France, tel.:  +33-468823481, fax.: + 33-468980258, e-mail: