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Pinord Chardonnay Barrica 2003, D.O. Penedès

Colour: very light yellow with green nuances.
Nose: beautiful nose, fresh, with exotic fruit, well balanced high quality wood, classy and refined mineral nuances, impressions of yeast, honey and apricots. Very clean and clear, rich, but also elegant, modern, new world style.
Taste: full-bodied, smooth, rich, with fresh acidity, juicy mid palate, deliciously fruity with generous oak, some mineral nuances. Excellent balance between freshness and richness.  Modern style.
Finish: reasonably long, with perfectly balanced acidity, richness, spices, vanillin and very smooth. Expressive, but well integrated wood.

* Expressive, wood aged New World style dry Chardonnay, perfect match between freshness and richness, elegant and very clean character in which the obvious oak combines very well with the rich fruit, minerals and fine acidity (27-07) Richer, heavier and less fresh and mineral (01-12 / 16-12)

- Drink this wine young, the freshness balances the richness, maybe the wood will integrate more with the fruit, may keep a few years, but I doubt it will improve much with age, some fruit and freshness will be lost, but will this be substituted with something more interesting? I do not know. Will keep until 2006, maybe 2007
Having retasted the wine after 5 months shows a marked decline in freshness and liveliness. It still is very enjoyable but the speed of the maturation process indicates a much shorter life span than predicted. Drink before halfway 2005.

- A revolutionary wine for this producer of very classical wines. There is a strong motivation and energy to improve the export capabilities of the wines, new, more fruity selections are made, smoothness is more an item than before. This producer could be the new rising star in the region. The signs are at least very promising.

- lotnr.: not indicated on provisional label

- tasted: 27-07-’04 retasted 01-12 and 16-12: much lower acidity, reduced freshness, very fast maturation

- estimated retail price ca. 9 euro

- average production: 10.000 bottles

- Bodegas Pinord, Doctor Pasteur, 6, 08720 Vilafranca del Penedès, Catalunya, España. Tel (+34) 93 890 30 66;  Fax (+34) 93 817 09 79; e-mail:, web site: /