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Pinord Chateldon Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2000, D.O. Penedés

Colour: dark red with some browning in the rim.
Nose: expressive, mature, ethereal, warm, earthy and with impressions of cacao, vanilla, caramel, some raisiny fruit, more elegant than powerful, classic, very Spanish, nearly Rioja style.
Taste: elegant, with ample freshness, excellent balance between smooth vanilla, secondary fruit, spices, some herbs and sweet, ripe tannins, reminding of an old style well made Rioja: velvety smooth and nuanced.
Finish: quite long, very soft and smooth, yet fresh and elegant, with vanilla, some caramel and tobacco, but also fruit.

* Velvety smooth and elegant red wine in Rioja style, expressive, mature, with spicy and smooth vanilla impressions, some caramel, tobacco and raisiny fruit. Well balanced with smooth tannins and elegant acidity in a unmistakably Spanish and classical fashion.

- This wine is at its peak now, keeping it will result in less fruit, less balance, less smoothness, etc. Can be kept until 2006  or  2007.

- A very good wine for this producer of very classical wines. The strong motivation and energy to improve the export capabilities of the wines have resulted in a more smooth and less dry style as this wine clearly shows. If this development continues this producer could be the new rising star in the region.

- lotnr.: L 0408061

- tasted: 27-07-’04

- estimated retail price ca. 10- 15 euro

- average production:  bottles

- Bodegas Pinord, Doctor Pasteur, 6, 08720 Vilafranca del Penedés, Catalunya, España. Tel (+34) 93 890 30 66;  Fax (+34) 93 817 09 79; e-mail:, web site: /