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Pinord Chateldon Añada 1995 Magnum, D.O. Penedés
Specially selected by the founder of Pinord to celebrate his 90th birthday

dark and deep brown-red.

Nose: mature (perfectly at its peak) with great balance between fruit, earth, spices, balsamic and cedary nuances, smoke, vanilla, mushrooms (truffles), minerals. All well balanced, a touch classic (phenolic), a touch sweet (wood, ripe fruit) and impressively fresh and refined and deep. There was both expressiveness and restraint, a very intelligent wine, suiting seamlessly with a wise and experienced person.
medium bodied, again with great purity, impeccable balance and very nice depth, there was freshness along a velvety smoothness, intensity next to elegance, spices enhancing fruit, minerals and earth. In the best wines even with all components in great balance there still is an attractive tension, guiding the taster from start till end, making one wanting to explore all sides and corners of the wine.

Finish: very much in line with the nose and taste, confirming once more the excellent quality and delicious character of this wine. Long, intense, elegant, deep and fanning-out with ripe and spicy, smooth tannins, freshness and a pure and clean end.

* This wine is perfect in every sense, it has the balance and complexity, the gentleness and grace, but also the depth and deep rooted character (terroir and earthiness), mellowed perfectly with age, a striking parallel and above all a worthy homage to a long and precious life of a dear person.

- This wine is at its peak now, keeping it will result in less fruit, less balance, less smoothness, etc. Can be kept until 2010

- This wine produced from mainly Cabernet Sauvignon and some Merlot was vinified in small inox tanks and matured in barriques and many years in bottle.
It is a real classic, very seldom one has the privilege to taste and drink a wine that is so perfect in all aspects. Drinking a classical wine that is mature and at its peak is becoming very rare nowadays, the vast majority of the wine-consumers never have been and never will be able to experience this. I am fortunate to have tasted many very classical wines, young, mature and over-mature, the oldest dating 1919 as I recall it well, up-to well into the sixties and mid seventies of last century, with only now and then recent vintages.
This wine showed the sheer beauty and impressive quality a mature wine can possess. If this meticulously winegrowing and winemaking had been done in the world's best vineyards, the whole world would have gone after it. Now it has remained a precious secret for a restricted and valued group of wine-admirers, celebrating a long and precious life.

- lotnr.: L 9091 (Magnum)
- tasted: 08-03-’08
- estimated retail price: * not for sale*
- average production: very limited number of bottles

- Bodegas Pinord, Doctor Pasteur, 6, 08720 Vilafranca del Penedés, Catalunya, España. Tel (+34) 93 890 30 66;  Fax (+34) 93 817 09 79; e-mail:, web site: /