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La Bodega de Pinoso "Pontos Cepa 50" Tinto 2006, D.O. Alicante.  **HERITAGE WINE**

Color: dark red with purple.
Nose: expressive, a bit heady, spicy and balsamic, mineral with soft and ripe, jammy and juicy fruit (brambles), impressions of alcohol, tar, smoke, incense, some caramel (bake) and vanilla impressions, some depth and a touch of complexity.
Taste: quite intense, warm, round, medium powerful, good acidity, minerals, earthy and balsamic nuances, with still young, but ripe and good quality tannins, lots of spicy and emerging balsamic nuances, some alcohol, smoke, tar, some raisiny port-like fruit, a bit of caramel, and touch of austerity, reminding me of a mild Bandol-wine, good balance.
Finish: medium intense, spicy, balsamic, good acidity, some minerals, smoke and fruit, some young, but ripe tannins, could do with some extra juiciness, but this may come with age.

* This is a "warm" Bandol-like wine with a very pronounced spicy, smoky and balsamic character, there is enough fruit and roundness to make it easy to appreciate, there is also sufficient tannin and acidity to provide tension and balance. Very good wine that shows dedication and modern wine making can soften the hard edges of a sturdy grape while preserving its aromatic qualities.

- This wine can be drunk relatively young, but it will also improve with a few years of aging.  It will make the wine softer, but less fruity and more earthy-spicy-balsamic in character. Drink until 2010.

- This wine is made of "Old Vine" Monastrell grapes. The Monastrell (called Mataro in the New World) is not an easy ingredient if you want to make supple and soft wines. It is loaded with strong and fierce tannins. It is at least closely related to the French Mourvčdre (Bandol) grape, but has great fruit potential and can provide richness. These are always strong wines with good structure and extract, strong color and also a very spicy character in young wines that turns into more balsamic nuances after aging. Blending with other (less severe) grapes is common practice except in some regions as Alicante, Jumilla and Yecla. This wine is obviously made from grapes from old vineyards, it shows clearly in the depth of the wine and the very nice fruit. Modern techniques and a very skilled wine maker fashion this wine into a easy to drink, but highly individual wine of good quality. 
The regional (very hot and dry) climate is kind to organic viticulture as one can taste in other wines of this producer: the dry white Vermador and red Vermador, both are not a middle of the road wines, they are a statement of dedication, quality and respect for terroir.
The Spanish seem to do the right thing when it comes to wine making. Huge investments were (and are being) made in the wineries and vineyards with impressive wines as a result. La Bodega de Pinoso is a big cooperative producer to watch closely, since vintage 2006 several wines have made enormous progress. The style is more aimed at the demanding export market, before 2006 the local and Spanish market dictated the style: more sturdy and strong wines crying out for rich dishes. Now various wines are produced that easily can compete in style, quality and price with those of the New World. They still are unmistakably Spanish in style which is a very good thing these days: preserving the precious identity that makes wine so fascinating and enjoyable. Other non-organic brand: Torre del Reloj.

- lotnr.: 0715

- tasted: 28-09-’07

- estimated retail price ca. 5,50 euro

- average production: unknown

- La Bodega De Pinoso, Coop. V., Mrs. Katerina Prazakova, Paseo de la Constitución 82, 03650  Pinoso (Alicante) ; tel.: +34-965 477 04 ;  fax.: +34-966 970 149 ;  mobile: +34-620 341 237 ; e-mail: ;  web site: