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Bodegas Real Sitio de Ventosilla, "Prado Rey Elite" Tinta Fina 2001, D.O. Ribera del Duero.**HERITAGE WINE**

Color:  very deep and dark red with no purple.
Nose: expressive, mature with lots of beautiful spicy nuances, smoke, complex minerals (flint), hazelnuts, a touch of ripe or even dried fruit, vanilla, very complex and refined, compact and multilayered, excellent and classic, very special character, still young, hidden depth, great potential, great wine!
Taste: compact, intense, lots of tannins, great spicyness, beautiful minerals, excellent acidity, earthy and spicy fruit, strong core (mid palate), pepper, vanilla, lots of hidden potential, great depth, complex, excellent balance, there is even elegance along the power, still young, great wine!
Finish: very long, fanning-out, great intensity, very fresh and clean, smoky, earthy, spicy, many nuances of minerals and some fruit, still young, but very promising, excellent balance.

* The essence of Ribera del Duero red:  a rare combination of sheer power and intensity along with great depth, complexity and elegance. A wine with great definition and structure, but never too rich, heavy or overpowering, all components are excellently measured and crafted into a compact, complex and really great red wine, still young, but bursting with potential, showing a myriad of spicy, minerally and earthy nuances with a touch of beautiful fruit.


- Drink this wine from now until ca. 2020. It is so well balanced it may even live longer.

- Is this wine classic? is it modern? I really do not know, but it certainly is a great wine that impresses with its balance and intensity. It is very hard to find the right words for it, but this is true and pure quality, among the best you can get in Ribera del Duero and proof of the great potential of one of Spain's best wine regions.


- lotnr.: LPA-01-A1 ;  bottle nr.: 04551

- tasted: 15-02-’07

- estimated retail price ca. 40  euro

- production: 17.000 bottles

- Bodegas Real Sitio de Ventosilla, Mrs. A. Garcia Alvarez, Ctra. Aranda - Palencia, km 10, 09443 Gumiel de Mercado (Burgos). Tel.: + 34-947546900 ; fax.: +34-947546999 ; e-mail: ; web site: