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Muscat Sec  "Premier" / "Mas La Pierre"  2004, V.d.P. d'Oc

Colour: very light yellow.
Nose: very expressive, very aromatic, ripe muscat, but also hints of citrus and spices. Nice balance between freshness, minerals and sweet richness, very clean nuances, very attractively fruity.
Taste: dry, but rich and round, juicy, also attractively fresh and impressively fruity. Loads of muscat, citrus and other white fruits, many clean and attractive nuances, some very restrained bitters, balancing the sweet aroma's and freshness.
Finish: quite long and intense, with many sweet and ripe fruit nuances (muscat) and good freshness (citrus) nice, cleasing acidity, rich and soft impressions, clean and clear, very well balanced.

* This is one of the most attractive and versatile dry muscats: clean, fresh, yet rich and mild, very aromatic with a myriad of impressions of ripe muscat, citrus, minerals and some spices. Not at all heavy, great freshness, makes you think of a good, rich Alsace Muscat, for much less money, great buy!

- Delicious now, and will remain so for at least a year.  You might expect a Muscat runs into trouble after a year, but a wine with such a good balance as this has a better chance of surviving up to two years. It will not gain much, but will not loose it all, provided you keep it well conditioned in a cellar.

- A good achievement to make such a fresh and rich wine with these beautifull aroma's in the warm South of France. Not every year will result in such an attractive wine, if you like this style: buy it when it is still there!

- lotnr.: L 095 05

- tasted: 22-05-’05 (still delicious after 2 weeks in open bottle)

- estimated retail price ca. 6 euro

- average production: ca. 40.000 bottles

- Frontignan Coopérative S.C.A., 14 Avenue du Muscat, B.P. 136,  34112 FRONTIGNAN cedex, tel: + 33-467 48 12 26 ;  fax : +33-467 43 07 17 ;  e-mail : / web site:
- Export agent: D.A.D., Z.A. La Plaine 8, Avenue de l’Europe, 34830 Clapiers (France), tel.: + 33-467 55 90 90 / fax.: + 33-467 55 06 36 / e-mail: / web site: