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Quinta da Invejosa tinto 2003, D.O. Palmela

Color: very deep and dark red (no purple).
Nose: at first a bit restrained, earthy, phenolic, with many nuances of semi hidden fruit, spices, herbs, warm and concentrated, compact, with impressions of vanilla, some cream, depth, some complexity, a bit Burgundy like, great potential, not a sexy or modern, but more classical, warm and compact style. Intriguing nose inviting you to explore the many layers of aromas.
Taste: Intense, powerful, dense, compact, but also warm and ripe, even some elegance, with lots of extract, strong mid-palate with intense minerals, earthiness, smoke, spices obvious wood (vanilla) and beautiful secondary and tertiary fruit, serious, classy, mature style with still some potential, excellent balance.
Finish: very long, intense, fanning-out, with good, well integrated tannins, many impressions of smoke, vanilla, fruit, minerals, iodine, serious and classy.

* An intense warm, compact, dense and classy wine, has many earthy, spicy nuances, beautiful fruit, minerals, great mid-palate, excellent balance, perfectly integrated oak, ripe and strong tannins, not sexy, but more classic in style, interesting tension between warm + ripe and intense + austere, already mature, but still potential left.  

- Can be drunk now, will keep up to 2011, maybe a bit longer.

- There is Castelão (Periquita) and Cabernet sauvignon in this wine, so you would not expect hints of Burgundy. I believe it is the terroir that gives this wine its earthy Burgundy-like character, the Cabernet contributes its strong structure to the blend, and also  I suspect the austerity and great subtle tertiary fruit. The Portuguese grape supplies the rich mid-palate and warm touch to the wine. A careful vinification and intelligent maturation on wood result withe the high quality grapes into this very good wine. Do not look for oppulence or an easy, sexy style, this wine is serious about quality. Is inviting you to explore all the nuances by teasing the taster by showing only bit by bit ist beautiful fixed fruit and spicy, earthy nuances, layer after layer.
You need not to spend the world on very good wines, you simply have to work hard to find the affordable ones, or read my comments and evaluations on The first method certainly is more exciting and taxing, the second less time consuming, but maybe a bit less exciting.  Very interesting quality/price ratio.

- lotnr.: L 01 305
- tasted: 10-07-’07
- estimated retail price ca. 8,00 euro
- average production: unknown
-  Filipe Jorge Palhoça, (Mr. Nuno Palhoça) Av. Liberdade nº 112, 2965 - 575  Águas de Moura.  Adega:  Estrada nacional nº 5 - Agualva de Cima 2965  Poceirão, tel.: + 351 265 995 886 & + 351 91  970 9324, e-mail: