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Torreguaceto "Sum" 2004, Vino da Tavola

color: black-red with some brown.
Nose:  warm earthy, spicy, smoky, some caramel, tobacco, vanilla, truffles, some black fruit, balsamic nuances, very intense, but also still a lot  of hidden nuances, great depth and intensity, complex, compact nose with a lot to offer still, not the refined or elegant type, very strong and potent character.
Taste:  very intense, powerful, lots of spicy, but also ripe tannins, earthy, spicy and balsamic aroma's, sombre style,black fruit, obvious alcohol, strong acidity, all well knitted together, good depth and length, still hidden potential, very strong and potent style, not refined or elegant. Impressive and singular.
Finish: very long and very intense, with loads of tannins, earthiness, spices, balsamic and warm nuances, smoke, tobacco, sombre, complex.

* If you like warm, very strong, intense, potent and earthy wines this could be one for you. This sunbaked and very compact and concentrated wine is loaded with earthy, spicy, balsamic impressions, wrapped up in a thick blanket of ripe and spicy tannins around a strong core of acidity, it is deep and complex, don't expect elegance and refinement, but a very unique and singular character. Organically produced wine.


- Drink this wine between now and 2010, will improve with age, but because of its strong alcohol content, try it regularly before it starts to decline.  

- Very reliable producer in The ultimate south of Italy making mainly strong and well structured wines. This one is produced from the rare and local grape Susummaniello, producing strong, intense and a bit sturdy wines not unlike those of the Nero di Troia from Castel del Monte. It has seen no wood and is totally different from the modern, easy drinking, fruity and supple red wines or the over extracted and wood-smothered, high scoring wines so popular in blind professional tastings. This is bottled pure regional character. Certainly not a wine for everyone, but certainly a wine to cherish and respect.

- lotnr.: L 262 / 206

- tasted: 12-10-’06 

- estimated retail price ca. 20 euro

- average production: not indicated

- Accademia dei Racemi, via Santo Stasi 1, sn, 774024 Manduria (TA). tel.: + 39-099-9711660 , + 39-099-9738929 ; fax.: + 39-099-9711530;  web site:
- export agent: Enoteca Nederland,  Mr. Maarten Bonants, tel.: +31-344613736, fax.: +31-344612550, e-mail: