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Domaine Raimbault Pineau blanc 2004, A.C. Sancerre

Colour: very light yellow with green.
Nose: medium expressive, fresh, with attractive white fruit, minerals, impressions of elder flower, some green herbs and waxy nuances, quite rich and soft style for a Sancerre, quite complex and extremely clean and clear, some chalky nuances, some complexity, good balance.
Taste: quite powerful, intense, medium bodied, with richness and clean, strong acidity, many complex waxy nuances, minerals, some white fruit, green herbs and elder flower, super clean and very well balanced.
Finish: quite long, fanning out, intense, nearly scintillating freshness, with impressions of minerals white fruit, some elder flower, very good balance.

* Not the most characteristic of Sancerres, but a most enjoyable and extremely clean and well balanced example. Less green and tart, but richer and rounder than most, as refreshing and elegant and also with that lovely minerally and fresh fruity, crystal clear character of a very good Sancerre.

- Drink from now, has enough structure and richness to withstand some age and maybe will improve over the next few years, but the fresh and young impressions are so delicious now I doubt this wine would gain from maturing much longer. Will keep until 2007, maybe 2008.

- Made by a not (yet) very well know producer. Producing consistently good wines with good - very good quality and very attractive character. Their (normal) Sancerre is the most reliable of all offering a good quality price ratio for a Sancerre.

- lotnr.: L BD.04

- tasted: 22-05-’05 (retasted nearly 3 weeks after opening: still in excellent condition)

- estimated retail price ca. 12 euro

- average production: ca. 80.000 bottles

- Domaine Raimbault Pineau, Mrs. Sonia Raimbault, Route de Sancerre, 18300 Sury-en-Vaux,  tel.: + 33-248 79 33 04 / fax.: + 33-24879 36 25 / e-mail: / web site: