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Rivera  Il  Falcone  Riserva  2001,  D.O.C. Castel del Monte. **HERITAGE WINE**

Colour: medium deep dark red with slight browning in the rim.
Nose: medium expressive, rather phenolic and emerging balsamic notes, also beautiful fruit (cherry) spices and some herbs, minerals, mushrooms and a touch of vanilla, quite complex, some depth, also some freshness and rusticity. Still a bit closed, but developing beautifully. Quite classy, with breed.
Taste: medium bodied, compact, powerful, intense, beautiful core with many spicy and elegant tannins, still a tad young, but already softening, good freshness, some fruit, some phenolic nuances, vanilla, some smoke, strong influence of wood, but aroma's in the same line as those of the fruit and terroir, very well matched, quite classic in style, still a bit austere. There is complexity, depth and even some elegance in this wine. Very good balance.
Finish: quite long, with ample tannins, spicy, earthy and impressions of mushrooms, some vanilla, hints of cedar, clean and refreshing acidity providing some elegance.

* A really classical wine with many tannins, firm acidity, medium body and above all a beautiful array of earthy, spicy fruit next to some balsamic nuances, classy and complex wine, with real breed some elegance, austerity and a hint of rusticity. Strong personality, excellent wine.

- This wine is starting to show well from now on, will keep probably another 5 - 10 years and improve if kept in a good cellar.
- Produced by one of the most reliable, well organized and quality oriented producers in this part of Puglia. An intelligent mix of modern technology, good vineyards, high quality grape varieties and most importantly deep knowledge, skill and passion makes Rivera a superb performer and example in Puglia. An impressive range of very good to excellent wines, is produced: from the freshest rosť (Rivera Rosť 2004) to the most rich, powerful and impressive red (Puer Apuliae Nero di Troia 2002).  This is not a very easy drinking wine, but one that certainly grows on you. Like most good classic styled wines the real beauty lies behind the tannins and acidity. The complex and earthy aroma's are fascinating. Every time you sniff the glass new impressions will show up, for such a wine the climate and the vinetender/winemaker have to do everything right. So they did in this wine in 2001. Made of 70% Nero (Uva) di Troia and 30% Montepulciano grapes the latter for suppleness and fruit, the first providing the austere depth and character with a rustic twist. The maturation in barriques during 12 month is really noticeable but matches aroma and tannin wise perfectly the used grapes. Great classic wine full stop.

- lotnr.: L. 931 F

- tasted: 01-06-'05

- estimated retail price ca. 14 euro

- average production: not indicated

- Azienda Vinicola Rivera, Mr. Sebastiano de Corato, SS 98, km 19.800, Contrada Rivera, 70031 Andria (Ba) Italia; Tel. +39-0883 569501; fax.: +39-0883 569575 ; e-mail: ; web site:
- export agent: Enoteca Nederland,  Mr. Maarten Bonants, tel.: +31-344613736, fax.: +31-344612550, e-mail: