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Podere San Giorgio Sangue di Giuda  2003, D.O.C. Sangue di Giuda. **HERITAGE WINE**

Colour: very, intense deep red with purple, slight haze of tiny little bubbles of CO2.
Nose: very expressive, sweet, Beaujolais Nouveau young fruit style combined with loads of sweet strawberries, plums, brambles and cherries, earthy nuances, spices (cinnamon, pepper), fresh grape skin, just like fermenting grapes. Very fruity indeed, not complex or refined, but very rich, intense and deep.
Taste: a marked full sweetness in combination with refreshing CO2, firm acidity and piquant tannins, a sumptuous and succulent fruitiness with loads of ripe and spicy nuances of cherries, brambles, strawberries, creamy and rich mouth feel, excellent depth of fruit, delicious balance between all constituents, the sweetness is perfectly matched by the acidity and tannins and vice versa.  Not complex or refined.
Finish: quite long, sweet, rich, but also fresh, piquant and spicy, with a nice balancing touch of bitterness, impressive composition of ingredients., dazzling array of earthy and spicy fruit nuances.

* Rich, sweet, full-bodied, but at the same time piquant, fresh and immensely fruity, with loads of earthy and spicy berries, plums and cherries. An impressive and delicious combination of sweetness, softness and piquancy with a unique and multi layered range of fruity aroma's. Delicious desert wine.

- Drink this wine young, will keep until 2006. Will probably not improve with age.

- This wine gives a strong expression of its origin. The grapes and vineyard are the source of this unique type of wine. There are more sweet red dessert wines in the world, but this one has a specific type of fruit, a specific combination of piquant tannins and freshness that only can be found in this part of Italy (Lombardia) and makes this wine a great pleasure to drink. A wine that is quite sweet, but at the same time highly refreshing so it is not tiring or heavy at all. There is some elegance, but also some rusticity in this wine that gives it its interesting tension. The name of the wine is very well chosen, there is an unexpected danger the alcohol takes over from you because it drinks so easily. You are warned!  Very good producer with consistent quality red wines. The Castel San Giorgio is the more prestigious range of wines.

- lotnr.: L 209.04

- tasted: 01-10-’04

- estimated retail price ca. 7 euro

- average production: ca.  bottles

- Azienda Agricola San Giorgio, Mrs. Elena Perdomini, LocalitÓ Castello, 1 - 27046 Santa Giuletta (PV), tel.: + 39-0383-899168 /  fax.: + 39-0383-899165 / e-mail: / web site: