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Podere San Giorgio Barbera  2003, D.O.C. Oltrepo Pavese

Colour: dark red with purple.
Nose: expressive, very young, fresh, with lots of plum and some cherry fruit, a bit "sauvage" or rustic, with impressions of yeast, acidity, alcohol, sweetness, green herbs, not rich or heavy, but more fresh and lively.
Taste: there is an initial slight impression of sweetness, with a marked acidity, elegant body, with some rustic tannins, some juiciness, a lot of fresh fruity impressions (raspberries, cherries) rustic, piquant, but not difficult, hard or tough character, just more a restless and dynamic adolescent type of wine. Full with energy, honest and pure in its own way.
Finish: fresh, clean, energetic, a bit "wild", with some piquant tannins, but with a load of fresh and clean fruit (raspberries and berries) and a touch of minerals.

* As straight forward as a wine can be: very fresh acidity, with lots of fresh and clean fruit (raspberries), medium body, piquant tannins, straight and honest wine, no fuss no frills. A youngster, a bit wild but with a good character.

- At its' best at this moment, will probably keep until mid 2005, will not improve with age.

- The Barbera grape has many faces. This is the young and expressive one. Always a strong acidity and capable of great fresh fruit, most of the times some peppery nuances and always tannins that are piquant. When over cropped or harvested unripe these characteristics are disastrous: harsh, acid and thin wines. Harvested just ripe and with fair yields in the vineyard, the wines can be clean, honest and straight, bearing that interesting piquant character.  More serious wines originate from better vineyards with old vines and low yields. They possess next to the piquant freshness also an exciting depth and complexity of fruit.  But this (reviewed) wine is the honest, well produced more basic style Barbera. Very good producer with consistent quality red wines. The Castel San Giorgio is the more prestigious range of wines.

- lotnr.: L 02

- tasted: 01-10-’04

- estimated retail price ca. 7 euro

- average production: ca.  bottles

- Azienda Agricola San Giorgio, Mrs. Elena Perdomini, LocalitÓ Castello, 1 - 27046 Santa Giuletta (PV), tel.: + 39-0383-899168 /  fax.: + 39-0383-899165 / e-mail: / web site: