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Poggio Trevvalle "Santippe" 2005, I.G.T. Toscana. **HERITAGE WINE**

color:  dark red with a touch of brown.
Nose:  at first a bit restrained, earthy, spicy and after some time more (cherry) fruit, some herbs and phenolic nuances, nice freshness, clean and delicious style.
Taste:  medium bodied, medium intense, nice density, spicy and with very good and juicy mid-palate, great fruit (cherry): fresh, clean, juicy, good, spicy tannins providing tension and character, very good balance, good personality with an attractive, slight austerity: not too smooth or soft but also not harsh or dry.
Finish: medium long, good intensity, clean and beautiful ripe and juicy fruit, some tannins and good refreshing acidity, very good balance.

* An organically produced red wine with a character one would hope to encounter much more often in Chianti's: delicious red (cherry) fruit, good intensity, elegance, very clean style  with an attractive tension between lively tannins, fresh acidity and a juicy mid-palate. An excellent alternative for Chianti.

- Drink this wine from now until I guess 2008, it is not for keeping.

- Sometimes you wonder why Chianti has become so popular. Sometimes you taste a wine that tells you why. This "Santippe" tells it: the Sangiovese grape (Santippe is 100% Sangiovese) is not an 'easy" grape: it has a firm acidity, piquant tannins and provides generally only a moderate body. Not unlike Cabernet Sauvignon. There is nearly always some (or a lot) austerity in its wines. But there can be also great, subtle fruit and an intriguing earthy/spicy bouquet when the wine matures. Over produced Chianti only shows the acidic and tanninc side of the grape, the better wines show all its characteristics, not only the difficult ones.
Sangiovese rarely gives a wine that is an easy-pleaser, most of its wines requires some work to appreciate or at least some food to go along with it. But most good wines you have to "work on" will establish a better and longer lasting bond with the drinker/taster than the "easy" wines do. The former wines have a certain tension that keeps you attentive and invites you to explore what's more in store. This (unfiltered) Santippe just does this perfectly. It is not a great wine, but in all its honesty it is able to capture the attention of the taster and rewards him with gorgeous fruit and delicious spicy earthy nuances.


- lotnr.: L 01.06

- tasted: 25-01-’07

- estimated retail price ca. 6 euro

- production: not known

- Poggio Trevvalle di Umberto e Bernardo Valle s.s. - SocietÓ Agricola, 58050 Campagnatico, Grosseto, tel. + fax.: +39 0564 998142 / e-mail: / web site: