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Domaine Sergent blanc sec füt  2003, A.C. Pacherenc du Vic Bilh

Colour: very deep yellow with green.
Nose: very expressive, rich, complex, with ripe pineapple, vanilla, spices (cinnamon, cloves), minerals, honey, linden blossom, confit nuances, sweetness, also freshness, exciting combination of impressions, really beautiful and very clean and clear. Strong oaky character, but very well compensated by the other expressive aroma's.
Taste: dry, very fresh, piquant even, crystal clean and clear, spicy, with loads of ripe white fruit, rich, intense and concentrated, rich alcohol, elegance, depth, complexity, obvious wood, but well integrated, very smooth tannins, excellent balance.  Impressive wine in terms of balance, freshness and intensity.
Finish: quite intense, very fresh, piquant, with ripe fruit, spices, vanilla, some tannins, minerals. Clean and clear.

* A modern and daring wine with lots of regional and varietal character combined with obvious spicy, trendy oak. Very fresh, pure, intense and expressive with ripe white fruit, minerals, honey, linden blossom and spices, complex and exciting wine.

- This wine is delicious now, will probably not improve much over the next years, will keep until ca. 2007.

- The appellation of this wine alone triggers a strong regional impression you nearly can taste without the wine. These wines can resemble those of Jurançon, the grapes are the same (Gros Manseng and Petit Manseng), the vineyards' conditions however different. Those of Jurançon are very much sought after, the Pacherencs are clearly less reputed. Not only the name is more difficult for the anglo saxons, but also the wines are far less homogeneous in quality than those of Jurançon. But if you encounter an excellent Pacherenc you have a real bargain. Domaine de Sergent is a producer of mainly black Madirans but is also quite successful with their Pacherencs. Especially their sweet late harvest Pacherencs are incredible bargains. The dry whites sometimes suffer from too much oak in relation to their concentration, but in 2003 they surpassed themselves with the dry version made of 50% Petit Manseng and 50% Gros Manseng, fermented and matured on barriques during 6 months. An unknown producer: serious, modest and kind people, working hard to produce very good to excellent wines. A most underrated producer, very highly recommended.

- lotnr.: L 3.1

- tasted: 13-10-’04  several occasions after that (into jan. '05) consistent notes, developing a slightly more earthy spicy character.

- estimated retail price ca. 9,00 euro per bottle

- average production: ca. 5000 bottles

- Domaine Sergent, Famille Dousseau, 32400 Maumusson, France, Tel.: + 33-562 69 74 93 ; Fax.: + 33 562 69 75 85 ; e-mail: