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Saint Clair Sauvignon-Blanc  2003, Marlborough. **HERITAGE WINE**

Colour: very light yellow with green tinges.
Nose: very expressive, super clean, intense, with loads of elderberry flowers, gooseberries, chalky minerals, some rich and creamy nuances, a touch of smoke, very refined, very fresh, excellent expression of the grape, perfect balance, excellent wine.
Taste: very fresh, but also mild, with a touch of sweetness because of its richness, elegant, exciting, with a wealth of crispy nuances of gooseberries, blackberries, scintillating acidity, great intensity of minerals, super clean, fabulous balance between all the constituents. Absolutely delicious!
Finish: quite long, with many strong, clean and clear nuances of fruit, flowers, minerals, a touch of sweetness (richness) and invigorating acidity, all in perfect balance.

* A top buy!! This is a very special wine, redefining the quality potential of the normally not so great Sauvignon-Blanc. This wine would have been world class if it had a bit more depth and some more refinement, but the immense freshness, cleanliness, elegance of fruit, intensity of flavour, wealth of nuances, sweet richness and its perfect balance make this a stunning wine and an absolute bargain for its price.

- Should be drunk now, will probably change with age, I doubt it will be more interesting after a few years as it is so attractive and beautiful now.  Will probably keep for a few years.

- Very highly recommended wine, top quality Sauvignon-Blanc for a very modest price, super fresh rich and absolutely delicious, puts New Zealand on the first rank of Sauvignon-Blanc producers. Great terroir, excellently suited to this normally regarded as good but not excellent grape variety.

- lotnr.: not indicated on bottle

- tasted: 06-09-’04

- estimated retail price ca. 11,00 euro

- average production: not known

- Saint Clair Estate, 156 New Renwick Road, RD2, Blenheim, tel.: (03) 578 8695 / fax.: (03) 578 8696, / e-mail: / web site:
Export agent: Poot Agenturen, Jan van de Laarweg 12, 2678 LH De Lier, The Netherlands, tel.: +31-174-512561 / fax.: +31-174-514123 / e-mail: