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New Zealand

Saint Clair Sauvignon-Blanc  2004, Marlborough.

Colour: very light yellow with green tinges.
Nose: very expressive, very clean, intense, piquant, immensely mineral and fresh, with loads of elderberry flowers, box (hedge) freshly mown grass and grapefruit.  Quite complex, a very fresh and chalky style, reminiscent of excellent Loire Sauvignons, excellent balance.
Taste: very fresh, very dry, intense, piquant, with powerful, clean and mineral acidity, some richness, loads of fresh fruit, flowers and again elderberry flowers, box and grapefruit. Dry, elegant and intense style, very good balance.
Finish: long, intense, very fresh, piquant, mineral, with lots of nuances of fresh white fruit and box. Very clean style.

* Excellent Sauvignon-Blanc in a very dry and powerful style. Impressively fresh and very clean character with lots of nuances: minerals, grapefruit, elderberry flowers, freshly mown grass, some complexity and very good balance.

- Should be drunk now, will probably change with age, I doubt it will be more interesting after a few years as it is so attractive and beautiful now.  Will probably keep for a few years.

- Highly recommended wine, very good quality Sauvignon-Blanc for a modest price. Compared to the stunning 2003 of the same producer this 2004 is much less rich and exotic. It is fresher, more tightly knit and more elegant, resembling very good Loire style Sauvignons. A very good effort from a great terroir, excellently suited to this normally regarded as good but not excellent grape variety.

- lotnr.: not indicated on bottle

- tasted: 11-03-’05

- estimated retail price ca. 11,00 euro

- average production: not known

- Saint Clair Estate, 156 New Renwick Road, RD2, Blenheim, tel.: (03) 578 8695 / fax.: (03) 578 8696, / e-mail: / web site:
Export agent: Poot Agenturen, Jan van de Laarweg 12, 2678 LH De Lier, The Netherlands, tel.: +31-174-512561 / fax.: +31-174-514123 / e-mail: