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South Africa

Stellar Organics Pinotage  2003, W.O. Western Cape.

Color: medium dark red with no purple, nor brown.
Nose: expressive, warm, mild, with rich and cooked fruit, spicy, with impressions of smoke, some earthy nuances, not complex or refined, but ripe and soft, quite attractive.
Taste: very intense, warm, spicy, with lots of ripe and cooked fruit, pepper, caramel, some smoke, lots of alcohol, some edgy tannins, some sweetness, mild acidity, not complex, not refined, but straight and honest.
Finish: long, medium intense, with some fruit, smoke, some tannins, sweetness, spices and alcohol.

* A straightforward, warm, rich and honest red wine, sun drenched character, perhaps lacking in elegance and complexity, but making this up with an attractive bold, rich, soft and smoky - fruity style. Organically produced.

- Must be drunk now, will mature not very well because of its ripe and soft character.

- If you like it warm, soft and bold, this could be your wine. It is good for the environment too.

- lotnr.: L 200 570 67

- tasted: 12-07-’06

- estimated retail price ca. 7,50 euro

- average production: not known

- Stellar Winery, P.O. Box 4, Klawer, 8145, Western Cape;  tel: +27 27 2161310 ; fax: +27 27 2161537 ;  e-mail: ; web site: