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Domaine de Saint Guilhem Amadeus 2004, A.C. Fronton. **HERITAGE WINE**

Color: very dark red with just a bit of purple.
Nose: very expressive, beautiful rich and complex with a myriad of ripe, sweet and exotic fruit reminding of sweet cherry, blueberry, a whiff of spicy muscat, many balsamic nuances, earth, spices (pepper), great depth and complexity, unique aromatic spectrum, pure and impressive, almost mysterious, multi faceted. Excellent.
Taste: medium bodied, compact, very intense, powerful, strong tannins and acidity, lots of sweetish extract (but still dry), many nuances of spices (pepper), earthy, balsamic, and again, with loads of that beautiful exotic and ripe fruit supplemented by an invigorating acidity, minerals, very pure and singular style with good complexity and depth. Excellent balance and very strong expression of terroir.
Finish: long, strong, intense, fresh, with beautiful fruit, some rustic tannins, many earthy, spicy and balsamic nuances, some minerals and very clean.

* This is a very impressive and great wine: strong, intense, compact, complex, deep and loaded with exotic, earthy and balsamic fruit nuances, beautiful mineral acidity adding extra length to this very pure and singular wine with a rustic twist. Excellent expression of a unique terroir. Impressive low price too!!

- Drink this wine now and over the next years. I do not know how it will develop, but the constitution of the wine suggests it will not fade away quickly. It will become more complex and maybe a bit softer, but certainly also more spicy and earthy. Will keep until 2012, maybe well beyond this date.

- This is the most impressive wine I tasted from the region. It is not an easy wine, but if you are prepared to do some work you will be rewarded richly. This is a wine you love or hate, I love it because it is technically so perfect and above all so beautiful and so unique in character. A highly exciting wine at the strong and bold side of the spectrum, unmistakably South-Western French in style, certainly a part of our heritage!
Produced from 75% Syrah, 15% Négrette and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. Maturation in old barrels of ca. 5 years old.
For more details on the region and wine styles: Opinion 6


- lotnr.: L 06

- tasted: 11-06-’07

- estimated retail price ca. 8,50 euro per bottle

- average production: ca. 5.000 bottles / year available for export

- Domaine de Saint Guilhem, Mr. Philippe Laduguie, 1619 Chemin de Saint-Guilhem, 31620 Castelnau d'Estretefonds, France, Tel.: + 33-561 821 209 / Tel. mob. + 33-685 20 54 18 ;  Fax.: + 33 561 826 559 ; e-mail:  ;  web site: