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Château Tour d'Arfon  Rosé  2003, A.C. Bergerac

Colour: Rather dark and intense rosé + purple nuances.
Nose: expressive, juicy and ripe fruity (berries, cherries), some green herbs, a whiff of pepper, some lactic nuances (buttermilk), not complex, but just delicious and clean.
Taste: dry, quite powerful for a rosé, full-bodied, rich in fruit (berries and cherries), some strawberries, juicy, with spicy and herby nuances, some tannin, a light touch of bitterness, sufficiently fresh acidity, some obvious alcohol.
Finish: well balanced, adequately long, with ripe fruit, some tannins, a slight touch of bitterness, fresh acidity and warm alcohol.

* Well made wine from a difficult year, more powerful and full-bodied than the average Bergerac rosé, verging on the brink of a Bordeaux Claret, but with more freshness and more upfront primary and fresh berry and cherry fruit. Dry, smooth and well balanced wine that will please many consumers that find many dry reds too strong and harsh.

- This wine is already delicious, I estimate the last touch of  tannin will smooth out during the summer, the juicy fruit is the key factor in this wine, don't keep it too long, drink it until summer 2005.

- It is quite an achievement in the hot and dry summer of 2003 to produce such a both fresh and smooth wine.  Many whites and rosé's were harvested too early producing wines with the right acidity and alcohol level, but with unripe aroma's and green tannins.  Others made unbalanced wines with too much alcohol (in most cases the acidity was corrected - tartaric acid added- during vinification). In 2003 it was virtually impossible to make a light dry rosé with ripe fruit. This rosé of a new and serious producer is a darker type of rosé, maybe not textbook Bergerac, not very complex or refined, but very delicious and versatile and above all not expensive.

- lotnr.: L 03 RO

- tasted: 21-04-’04

- estimated retail price ca. 5,00 euro per bottle

- average production: ca.  bottles

- Château Tour d'Arfon, 24240 Monestier Mrs. Fabienne Ferté, tel.: + 33-553733649; fax.: + 33-553733649

- export agent: Grand Sud Domaines, Mrs. Cécile Dupuy; Mr. Alain Boissiere, 4, Rue Rudolphe Bruzac, 24160 Bergerac, tel.: + 33-553630303 / fax.: + 33-553581493 / e-mail: