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Terras Gauda  2005, D.O. Rias Baixas. **HERITAGE WINE**

Color:  light green white.
Nose: medium expressive, rich, very fresh, with loads of complex, creamy and refined fruit (apricot), honey, herbs, minerals, crystal clean and complex, excellent balance.
Taste: concentrated, compact, very fresh, with great and strong acidity, richness, refinement, complexity, excellent, ripe and creamy fruit, minerals, crystal clear style, scintillating intensity, stunning constitution and balance, impressive and  great expression of terroir. Great wine!
Finish: very long, intense, piquant acidity, great richness, compact, beautiful fruit and great minerals, excellent cleanliness, balance, just great.

* A stunning dry white wine that impresses by its strong core of freshness, intensity, clean and clear style, depth, refinement and complexity, a myriad of the cleanest fruit and  mineral nuances embedded in a compact core of richness and acidity, great expression of terroir and superb balance. A great wine for a relatively modest price.

- Drink this wine young, it will change with time into a more earthy and may be richer wine, but its crystalline character in combination with the fresh fruit makes it so great now. I doubt you will win waiting for this wine to improve much. Drink before 2008

- The most beautiful Rias Baixas wines I tasted more than a decade ago, just before they became (deservedly) famous and consequently expensive. Many wines of this origin failed to impress because they were either too ambitiously produced with "great and luxurious" wood smothering all subtle and refined minerality, fruit and freshness, or just made from over cropped vineyards or unhealthy and unripe grapes. Often too expensive, never exciting.
This wine shows all the factors that made these wines famous.  A unique combination of freshness, richness and crystalline low-key aromatics that makes your heart beat faster. This is one of those wines you should have tasted in your life if you want to fathom the aromatic depth the world of wine has to offer to mankind.

- lotnr.: L TG 37 / 05

- tasted: 04-10-’06

- estimated retail price ca. 16  euro

- average production: no indication

- Bodegas Terras gauda, S.A., Mrs. R. Martinez Pérez, Carretera Tui - A Guarda km 46, 36760 As Eiras - O Rosal, Pontevedra. Tel.: + 34-986621001 ; fa.: + 34-986621084 ; e-mail: ; web-site: