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Château les Tresquots  2002, A.C. Médoc

Colour: dark red with purple.
Nose: quite fruity, with ripe red and black berries, brambles, some earthy and smoky nuances, a touch of manure, a touch of oak, some sweetness, but also freshness, attractive and clean. Not complex or deep, but well made and honest.
Taste: medium body, medium power, with an attractive fruitiness (berries) some herbs and spices, laurel, a touch of wood (oak), freshness, some earthy and spicy tannins, some roundness, well balanced. Could do with some extra meatiness, but is quite approachable and well made.
Finish: quite soft for a Médoc, nice earthy fruit, some young tannins providing character, fresh, clean and well balanced.

* This a very well made entry level Médoc with clean and nice fruit, characteristic earthiness, freshness, good tannins, medium power and body, restrained nuances of oak, very honest and natural style, approachable, delivering what you expect of a sound Médoc.

- Ready to drink now, will keep until ca. 2007, will become a bit softer, more complex and richer in a years' time but is not a great keeper, for it lacks the power and intensity for the long run.

- This is how an entry level Médoc should taste.  The producers (Famille Reich) are honest and hard working producers continuously busy improving their wines and vineyards.  They do not exhibit the greed and short mindedness of too many Médociains: their prices have always been realistic and in pace with quality. Their vineyards are potentially not the most refined in the whole Bordeaux region, but about the finest around in their village: situated on very gravely ridges and densely planted. They are still planting extra vines in the vineyards to increase density even further, also the proportion of Petit Verdot is increased, so they are very seriously concerned about making the most out of their vineyards. They produce two wines. The first is Château l'Argenteyre, from 0ld vines (21 ha.) and best cuvées, recently awarded Cru Bourgeois and the lighter, more elegant and easier Château Les Tresquots, not their second wine but a neighbouring separate estate of 7 ha.. The vineyards of Château l'Agenteyre are clearly the better ones, with older vines too. Their vinification equipment is very good, not state of the art like at some more prestigious châteaux, but very effective.  Carefully monitored vinification and intelligent use of high quality oak (both wines) result in wines that express their provenance and vintage year perfectly.   Impressive quality / price ratio for a Médoc.

- lotnr.: L 02 TRQ

- tasted: 01-12-’04 (same bottle was still very good and even had improved after 8 days.)

- estimated retail price ca. 7 euro

- production:   50.000 bottles

- Château l'Argenteyre, Philippe & Gilles Reich, G.E.A.C. des Vignobles Reich, Courbian, 33340 Bégadan, tel.: + 33-556 415234 / fax.: + 33-556 415234 / e-mail: