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Céline & Laurent Tripoz "Chant de la Tour" 2005, A.C. Bourgogne rouge. **HERITAGE WINE**

Color:  medium dark deep purple red.
Nose: medium expressive, great, creamy fruit, ripe, clean and subtle, some sweetness, some earth and smoke, a subtle touch of refined oak, excellent balance, still young, lacking some depth and concentration, but pure and delicious.
Taste: mild, light-medium bodied, elegant, subtle and soft tannins, fresh, with beautifull ripe and pure (cherry) fruit, some earth, spices, smoke and restrained, subtle wood, excellent balance.
Finish: medium long, elegant, supple, soft and with clean fresh fruit, a touch of wood and spices, again excellent balance.

* An elegant, refined and medium bodied red Burgundy, very pure style with great and subtle fruit, freshness, soft and restrained tannins, excellent balance, lacking perhaps a bit in depth (made from still young vines) but offering impressive purity and elegance instead.  Biodynamically produced (in conversion).

- Drink this wine from now on, it may improve a bit over next and maybe the year after, but it lacks the intensity and depth to improve much. Now this wine is so beautifull, do not be tempted to lay it away too long. Drink before 2008, maybe 2009.

- This Red Burgundy comes from a young vineyard in the Macon, not far from those of the famous Pouilly Fuissé. White wines are the main products the Tripoz's produce so well, but this red wine is so well crafted, it give me good expectations for this color as well. If every producer used his oak barrels in the same intelligent way as Laurent Tripoz, the reputation for (normal) red Burgundy would have been much and much better. The fruit in this wine is so Pinot Noir, it is so singular fruity and elegant, it makes you sad this is so seldomly achieved by other producers in thi famous region. It is not sufficient to have the right materials and circumstances only, you also and foremost need the right attitude too !! The Tripoz's have it all as their wines prove.
This young and very dedicated producer has switched in 2001 from the regular viticulture to the biodynamical way of working. Only in 2006 the wines may be officially be labeled as Biodynamic.
This is one of the producers France and certainly the world have to cherish: they work hard, aim for quality and do this in a very responsible way, aiming for a better and more healthy world for the generations to come.

- lotnr.: L 06.05.10

- tasted: 05-10-’06

- estimated retail price ca. 14,00 euro

- average production capacity: ca. 7.500 bottles

- Céline & Laurent Tripoz, Place de la Mairie, 71000 Loché Macon, tel.: + 33-385 35 66 09 / fax.: + 33-385 35 64 23 / e-mail: , web site: