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Céline & Laurent Tripoz "Les Morandes" 2004, A.C. Macon Vinzelles. **HERITAGE WINE**

Color:  deep yellow with green tinge.
Nose: expressive, very fresh, minerally fruity, with hints of exotic fruit and honey, complex, with depth and elegance, excellent balance, crystal clean and pure style.
Taste: intense, fresh, with some richness, many nuances of the cleanest minerals and fruit, some honey, great acidity, good concentration and complexity, very pure and excellent balance.
Finish: long, fanning out a bit, with great freshness, clean minerals, fruit, intensity, pure and very refreshing., excellent balance.

* A most pure and very fresh dry white Burgundy, intense and elegant, with the cleanest minerals and fruit, a touch of honey, some richness, complexity and depth, very stylish and refreshing, impressively harmonious, produced in a biodynamic way, offering great "Burgundy-value" for money.

- This wine is drinking very well now, it may improve the next one or two years, but the freshness and youth of this wine are so delicious it is hard to imagine it will become even more attractive. Drink before 2009.

- This Macon Loch wine comes from vineyards bordering those of  Pouilly Vinzelles, not far from the famous Pouilly Fuissé. It has seen no wood and has remained fresh and untainted. It has the intensity to withstand some oak, but I am pleased no wood has been used in this wine. It is so pure and mineral now it would have been a waste covering these subtle nuances with oak. This wine is less Burgundian and more Chablisian in style compared to the other white Macons from Tripoz. This wine has undergone a "malo" (a secondary fermentation) in which the "green" malic acid is transformed by bacteria into the softer, more mellow lactic acid, thus giving a subtle touch of butter / buttermilk to the wine as well as more richness and roundness.
This young and very dedicated producer has switched in 2001 from the regular viticulture to the biodynamical way of working. Only in 2006 the wines may be officially be labeled as Biodynamic. But what's in the name, the wine is very good and deserves much more attention. The wines the Tripoz's produced before 2001 were much more Chablis like, more mineral, less rich, less earthy and may be also even a bit more cristaline-pure. With the use of the grape's and vineyard's own yeast the wines have gained weight and substance, they are more Burgundian than before the switch, however this Morandes have changed less than the other wines in style. Yields per ha. have always been quite modest here, they are enabling the Tripoz's a good concentration in their wines. I have also the feeling the wines follow the character of the vintage much more closely than before 2001.
This is one of the producers France and certainly the world have to cherish: they work hard, aim for quality and do this in a very responsible way, aiming for a better and more healthy world for the generations to come.

- lotnr.: L 05.09.09

- tasted: 05-10-’06 (still delicious after 1 week in open bottle)

- estimated retail price ca. 11,00 euro

- average production capacity: ca. 5.500 bottles

- Céline & Laurent Tripoz, Place de la Mairie, 71000 Loché Macon, tel.: + 33-385 35 66 09 / fax.: + 33-385 35 64 23 / e-mail: , web site: