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Umbria Viticoltori  Associati  Grechetto 2005, I.G.T. Umbria.

Colour:  light green white.
Nose:  a bit restrained, fresh, clean and clear, some fruit, minerals, flowers, honey, well balanced, some refinement.
Taste:  dry, fresh, mild, restrained, some ripe fruit, minerals, nice mid palate, tiny touch of sweetness, clean, attractive, well balanced.
Finish: nice, fresh, soft, tiny touch of sweetness, fruit, minerals, clean, good balance.

* Fresh and modern dry white wine, clean character, nice fruit and minerals, supple taste, easy character, very good balance. A superb "daily" wine, very attractive and versatile character and with such a low price a real bargain.

- Drink this wine from now, do not keep this wine as its young and fresh character is its most attractive feature. Drink before mid 2007.

- Industrial wines are too often seen as inferior products. In many cases only the quality is sufficient, but sometimes also its character is really interesting. This (high-tech)wine proves big volume does not mean boring quality and style. It lacks depth, and class, but has all the basic qualities in spades for a very low price and is delicious too, it also has a sufficient own character of the autochtonous Grechetto grape. A delicious "daily wine" with an excellent quality / price ratio.

- lotnr.: L 06 180

- tasted: 26-09-’06

- estimated retail price ca. 4,50  euro

- production: ? bottles

- Umbria Viticoltori  Associati, Mrs. Mercedes Catalano, LocalitÓ Cerro - 06055 Marsciano - Perugia - ; tel: +39.0758748989 ; fax: +39.0758748958  e-mail:; web site: