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Umbria Viticoltori  Associati  Sangiovese 2005, I.G.T. Umbria.

Colour:  medium intense red with purple rim.
Nose:  expressive, clean, fresh, with delicious cherry fruit, some jammy, ripe nuances, some spices (pepper) very attractive, very good balance.
Taste:  fresh, but also round and soft mid palate, medium bodied, medium intense, with very nice, clean and ripe cherry fruit, some spices, good acidity and a mild dose of piquant tannins providing tension and with the acidity: good elegance. Very good balance.
Finish: medium long, medium intense, quite fresh, some soft sweetness, lots of cherry fruit, peppery tannins and some other spices. Well balanced.

* A modern red wine, not unlike a good and supple Chianti, beautiful Sangiovese expression: excellent peppery, super ripe cherry fruit, piquant freshness with some spicy tannins, with above all a very supple and gentle, well filled mid palate. Easy to drink wine, with tension and very good balance.  Excellent quality / price ratio.

- Drink this wine from now, do not keep this wine as its young, supple and fruity character is its most attractive feature. Drink before 2008.

- Sangiovese is not the easiest grape to make a supple wine from,  there is always a certain stubbornness in its wines: the high acidity, the piquant, sometimes dry tannins can be quite challenging in a wine with not so much body and richness. Only when the grapes are harvested very ripe and extraction is done carefully and with restraint, a supple wine with some richness will result. This big producer has succeeded exceptionally well in this case, the result is a delicious wine, easy to drink, offering lots of pleasure for little money. Do not expect the austere depth, complexity and refinement of the best Sangiovese based wines. For its low price this wine offers amazing pleasure and ample character.
Industrial wines are too often seen as inferior products. In many cases only the quality is sufficient, but sometimes also its character is really interesting. This (high-tech)wine proves big volume does not mean boring quality and style. Excellent quality / price ratio.

- lotnr.: L 06 191

- tasted: 26-09-’06

- estimated retail price ca. 4,50  euro

- production: ? bottles

- Umbria Viticoltori  Associati, Mrs. Mercedes Catalano, LocalitÓ Cerro - 06055 Marsciano - Perugia - ; tel: +39.0758748989 ; fax: +39.0758748958  e-mail:; web site: