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Bodegas Solar de Urbezo  tinto Crianza  2003, D.O. Cariņena .

Colour: dark, quite intense red with some browning in the rim.
Nose: expressive, warm, spicy, earthy, with impressions of ripe and jammy berry fruit, vanilla, tobacco and a whiff of tar, some smoke, alcohol, not complex, but ripe and round.
Taste: full-bodied, round, mild, smooth, warm, with spicy, jammy fruit, some creamy oak, tobacco, smoke, ripe and round tannins, well integrated tannins, excellent balance.
Finish: medium long, mild, warm and spicy, some alcohol, fruit and smoke, vanilla and ripe tannins, fresh, but integrated acidity, very well balanced.

* A typically Spanish red wine with a modern twist, very spicy and fruity, soft and mild, but also with enough character showing creamy vanilla, smoke and tobacco next to the clean and ripe red fruit and an attractive warm earthiness.

- Drink this wine from now on, it will keep in shape for some years, but with increasing age the fruit will be substituted for more earthy and spicy nuances, it is up to you what you prefer. Drink before 2009

- This wine has been produced from both Spanish grapes (Tempranillo and Garnacha) and French grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. This appears to be a clever mix of grapes in this vineyards, the wine still has its unmistakably classical Spanish earthy, woody and spicy style combined with an easy to appreciate fruitiness that is well absorbed in the aroma spectrum. The smoothness makes this wines attractive for a wide audience.

- lotnr.: L 170305

- tasted: 25-09-’06

- estimated retail price ca. 9,00  euro

- average production: no indication

- Bodegas Solar de Urbezo, S. Gracia / C. Aldea, C/ San Valero 14, 50400 Cariņena, Zaragoza, tel.: + 34-976621968 ; fax.: + 34-976620549 ; e-mail: ; web site: