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Valmagaz tinto Mencia 2006, D.O. Bierzo.

Color: very dark red with purple.
Nose: expressive, spicy- fruity, with impressions of black pepper, cloves, damp earth, minerals and some freshness. Not refined or complex, but straight and honest.
Taste: medium bodied, expressively fruity and spicy style with impressions of liquorice, earth and some minerals, good ripe tannins, mild acidity, could do with a touch more juiciness in the mid-palate, but with good specific character, a bit rustic in aroma's, but smooth and not harsh or tough, well balanced fruit/tannins/acidity.
Finish: medium intense, earthy, but nice fruit, spicy, some mild tannins, freshness, clean.
* Nice, honest and very straight wine with a distinct fruity, earthy and spicy character, medium bodied, good tannins, smoothness and with a nice touch of rusticity (aroma's), fresh and mild, surprisingly good quality and a lot of character for a low price.

- Drink this wine young, it will keep until 2009.

- I have tasted the wines from this big coop several years ago and I must say I was not impressed to say the least. Wine making was very rustic, quality was especially bad for the cheap wines (costing next to nothing), the luxurious wines were spoiled by a prolonged maturation on barrels of dubious quality.  This producer has made great strides towards quality and approachable style. Nothing in most of the wines resembles the old days' wines. Now there is fruit and character as well as quality. The cheapest wines still show the limitations of the quality of the grapes used in them, but from Valmagaz there is some good quality to be found.

- lotnr.: L 04.07 / 06 / 07

- tasted: 20-08-’07

- estimated retail price ca. 4 - 5 euro

- average production: no indication

- Viñas del Bierzo, Mr. Nuñes, 24410 Camponaraya (Léon), Spain,  tel.:   +34-987 463 009 ;  fax.: +34-9872450 323 ;  e-mail: , web site: