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Domaine du Vieux Chêne  Cuvée des Capucines 2003, A.C. Côtes du Rhône. **HERITAGE WINE**

Colour: very dark and intense red with purple.
Nose: expressive, intense, clean, warm and rich with ripe and mature fruit, with many spices, some minerals, and a touch of sweetness. Quite strong, a bit sturdy and still very young with many hidden nuances. Very natural with some hints of complexity in the background.
Taste: very powerful, intense, with lots of tannins, ripe, but still young and astringent, warm and intensely fruity impressions (brambles, berries) also some spices (pepper). Very young and expressive, quite warm, ample alcohol, fair acidity, well balanced.
Finish: powerful, warm, quite long with a lot of tannin, but also many fruit nuances, some spices, still a bit young and astringent, but very clean .

* Ecologically produced, quite impressive wine. Strong structure and emphasis on warm fruit and spices, ample, ripe, but young tannins, well balanced and with a lot of nuances still to emerge, clean and very honest and natural wine.

- Could be drunk now, will change and improve with age (less fruit, but more spices and balsamic nuances) will keep until 2008.

- Highly recommended wine from a very reliable producer, ecologically produced, with the clear mark of the 2003 vintage.  Less elegant, but more powerful and concentrated than average, but still well balanced. Very natural in style, the ultimate expression of the grapes (90% grenache, 10% syrah), no use of wood at all. A rare purity of spicy fruit and some minerals. Wines from this producer are excellent examples of the expression of the terroir. No fashionable oak or over extraction, just pure and the best you can produce from these vineyards. To be able to talk about Rhône, taste this wine first.

- lotnr.: L 03362

- tasted: 23-09-’04

- estimated retail price ca. 7,00 euro

- average production: ca. 20.000 bottles

- Domaine du Vieux Chêne, Jean-Claude & Béatrice Bouche, 84850 Camaret Sur Aigues, Vaucluse, France tel.: + 33-490 37 25 07 / fax.: + 33-490 37 76 84 / e-mail:, web site: