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Vega Carriegos Rosado 2003, Viño de la Tierra de Léon. **HERITAGE WINE**

Colour: quite deep rosé, a hint of purple.
Nose: quite expressive, rich and ripe fruity (raspberries, cherries), juicy, with a touch of buttermilk, some black pepper, quite complex and clean. Strong, specific character.
Taste: quite round and full bodied, rich and creamy, some tiny CO2 bubbles, lots of ripe red fruit, juicy, some alcohol, spices, herbs, good freshness, good intensity, well balanced, a tiny bitterness and a twist of rusticity at the end. Strong own character, good tension and balance.
Finish: quite long, intense, fanning out, rich, much ripe and red fruit, some alcohol, sweetness, good body and a clean acidity.

* Quite impressive dry, rich and powerful rosé made of the indigenous grape Prieto Picudo, lots of ripe and rich fruit, a touch of refreshing CO2, strong own character, some complexity, intensity and a clean acidity.

- Drink this wine young, it is surprisingly strong, will keep until 2006, maybe even a little bit longer.

- If you like character in your rosé this is a wine to go for, apart from the perfect wine making, this wine has his own character, undoubtedly from the local Prieto Picudo grape. The touch of CO2 is adding extra freshness without disturbing the balance and versatility of the wine. The vineyards must be good and the vines quite mature (maybe even old) to produce a wine with this quality and intensity. This producer joins a group of producers called "Señorio de los Arcos".

- lotnr.: L 204

- tasted: 04-02-’05

- estimated retail price ca. 6  euro

- average production: no indication

- Bodega Valdelosfrailes, Mr. Carlos Moro, Guillermo Pérez, Ctra. Cubillas s/n, 47290 Cubillas de Santa Marta (DO Cigales) Valladolid (Spain), tel.: +34-983485024 , fax.: +34-983485024
- Export office: EXCAL, S.A., International Trade Department, María A. Pardo Argüello,  C/ Recondo s/n Estación del Campo Grande, E - 47007 Valladolid  (Spain),  tel.:   +34-983219913 - Ext. 305 , mob.: +34-627391460 , fax.: +34-983219914 , e-mail: , web site: